Expand Reset Overrides

Figma desperately needs to expand the overrides that can be reset.
For overrides that are not in the list, “Reset All” is a massively inconvenient alternative as it resets things you had no intent of resetting.

Every property would be great, but notable top priority:
Reset Height Individually
Reset Width Individually
Reset Autolayout Resizing (Fill, Hug, Etc).
Reset Autolayout Spacing
Reset Autolayout Padding
Reset Clip Content
Reset Border Radius

Being able to reset on a more granular level is the takeaway here.

I feel this doesn’t get enough love, but is a daily annoyance for those trying to retain a source of truth with their Components.

If anything, open up the capability for a contributor to build a plugin. If one exists, please point me in the right direction.



If it’s possible to implement easily, that might be helpful sometimes :innocent:

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When you playing around with an instance, want to reset auto layout properties only instead of resetting all overrides and lose its contents overrides…


I agree. This would be a great update. Without it, I’m having to manually adjust the auto layout properties for all instances of a component on all pages if I don’t want to lose all my other overrides and most importantly, prototype links.


Voted. There is a very useful plugin called Maximum Override by @Michael_Daross that shows you how the instance differs from the main that might be helpful depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

It would be nice to have the Reset menu expanded natively, though.

In the meantime, I wonder if Michael could add that as a feature in his plugin… Like a right-click > “Reset” for all the “reset-able” overrides that are listed.


Yes! would be very handy right now that i have a bunch of button variants, i update the base component “space between” and just realized i can’t reset the variants’ “space between” without hitting “reset all overrides” first :sob:

end of story, i had to update all the space between manually which kinda defeats the purpose of having the base component 🥲


@chudoloo - That’s a cool idea. I’ll add that to the feature list. I finally have time to get back into this plugin and make some updates.


Need this for sure… in most cases for me, I only would like to reset all but text overrides.

Currently, Figma only offers the option to Reset overrides.

It frequently occurs that I only want to reset style but not the content.

What about offering more reset options in the menu?

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Hey all, I thought it’d be great to have a way to reset overrides to a component that was swapped out, without reverting back to the original component. The below screenshot explains it better than I can with text:

It works fine if you changed properties in nested layers of the text field because you can just select those layers and reset all overrides. It also works fine for things like fill because the override menu has an option to just reset fill. But for things like padding which don’t have their own reset option you’re stuck with having to reset back to the original component.
Ideally you’d have another option (not sure what you’d call it) that would reset any ‘property’ overrides of the selected component but retain the component type. Or you’d just have more options in the reset overrides menu so that everything has a way of being reset.

It’s a very frequent workflow for me, where I swap out a nested instance and try a few things, and the only way to reset my overrides makes me go through the trouble of swapping again and just stretches the task out. Does anyone else have this issue?

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reset autolayout separately is needed desparately. as the poster says, it defeats the purpose of base components to use reset all overrides…

Adding on here a related use case. I use the Themer plugin to swap between light and dark mode colors. The problem is when you mix this with components, it’s constantly adding overrides so components get out of sync with the main component unintentionally.

Specific example:

  • Say I have a component example which default styles use light mode colors.
  • Normal instances will update when I update the base component
  • If I use Themer to swap to dark mode, it will now have overrides on all the colors. This is a little annoying but I can live with light mode being the source of truth so it is not a huge issue. If swapping back to light mode and back to dark mode again fixed it I’d be happy since swapping is so easy with Themer.
  • However, if I take the dark mode component and use Themer to swap it back, it now looks like the main component but actually has a bunch of color overrides. This means if I update, say, the background color of the main component it will no longer update in this instance and thinks get confusingly out of sync.

Two ideas:

  1. I wish if an instance had an “override” that matched the main component style, it wouldn’t actually be considered an override. Maybe I’m missing something of why this wouldn’t be desired, but I think this is what I’d always want for my use cases.
  2. If not, I wish I had a way to select a bunch of things, and have an option to quickly reset ALL FILL overrides. Currently I can only reset all overrides, but that also would reset text, size, swapped icon instances, etc etc.

Currently I have to select every little thing (backgrounds, text, etc) in the instance in the right side panel, click the ... and select Reset fill on every little part for all instances I have. It’s very tedious.

In my mind, Figma should treat “content” completely separately from overrides. For example, a component might have a static label + variable content. If I change the label text, sure, makes sense to reset when I override. If I change variable content, meaning that I linked using the “content” text property, I would expect that to be handled separately and be able to “reset” the component without losing the text.

Webflow handles this well. It shows you what properties differ from the base property and allow you to easily reset to the base property value. I could imagine Figma having a similar interaction.

Resetting (individual) auto layout properties would be extremely helpful. I often find myself redoing a lot of variants where for some reson some padding carries an override and does not update to the master component anymore…

I also wonder if this could be achieved quickly with some console command. I read through the developer docs but did not find someting about resetting a component.

Please. Please allow resetting of styles without resetting text, geez.

Which styles do you mean, for text? If there are style overrides in text, usually the option “Reset Text Style” appears. “Reset Text” will reset the context. And with “Reset Fill / stroke / effects” you target other style properties. So I think when it comes to styles, resetting seems pretty well covered.

Where are you seeing individual reset options, Lea? I only have one option to reset. Am I looking in the wrong place?

If I reset the overrides of a button, it resets the button copy too. If I have a button with icon, it resets the icon too. If I want to experiment with border-radius, background colour, dropshadow, auto layout etc of a component, I want to be able to reset all of that without touching the content (text and selected icons, usually). That is currently not the case, but if you know better, please help :slight_smile:

Dudes, come on. At least let us reset font styles without overriding content. This is such a bummer while using your components :frowning: