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Expand Reset Overrides

Figma desperately needs to expand the overrides that can be reset.
For overrides that are not in the list, “Reset All” is a massively inconvenient alternative as it resets things you had no intent of resetting.

Every property would be great, but notable top priority:
Reset Height Individually
Reset Width Individually
Reset Autolayout Resizing (Fill, Hug, Etc).
Reset Autolayout Spacing
Reset Autolayout Padding
Reset Clip Content
Reset Border Radius

Being able to reset on a more granular level is the takeaway here.

I feel this doesn’t get enough love, but is a daily annoyance for those trying to retain a source of truth with their Components.

If anything, open up the capability for a contributor to build a plugin. If one exists, please point me in the right direction.



If it’s possible to implement easily, that might be helpful sometimes :innocent:

When you playing around with an instance, want to reset auto layout properties only instead of resetting all overrides and lose its contents overrides…

I agree. This would be a great update. Without it, I’m having to manually adjust the auto layout properties for all instances of a component on all pages if I don’t want to lose all my other overrides and most importantly, prototype links.

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Voted. There is a very useful plugin called Maximum Override by @Michael_Daross that shows you how the instance differs from the main that might be helpful depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

It would be nice to have the Reset menu expanded natively, though.

In the meantime, I wonder if Michael could add that as a feature in his plugin… Like a right-click > “Reset” for all the “reset-able” overrides that are listed.

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Yes! would be very handy right now that i have a bunch of button variants, i update the base component “space between” and just realized i can’t reset the variants’ “space between” without hitting “reset all overrides” first :sob:

end of story, i had to update all the space between manually which kinda defeats the purpose of having the base component 🥲

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@chudoloo - That’s a cool idea. I’ll add that to the feature list. I finally have time to get back into this plugin and make some updates.


Need this for sure… in most cases for me, I only would like to reset all but text overrides.

Currently, Figma only offers the option to Reset overrides.

It frequently occurs that I only want to reset style but not the content.

What about offering more reset options in the menu?