Expand hover area of font size click-and-drag functionality

The hover area for the “click-and-drag to resize” functionality is only 1px wide, unlike all of the other inputs on the same panel that have a representative icon, and subsequently larger hover area.

2023-12-07 21-06-00

Can we add an icon or otherwise make the font size hover area consistent with its siblings?

Hi there,

Thank you for providing feedback! I will share this with our internal team. Your input is highly valued, and we will take it into consideration for future enhancements.


You know how you can change some of the values in the tool menus by positioning your mouse just so, so it turns into a double-sided arrow, and then dragging left or right? I want to do this alllllll the time with font size, but it’s so hard to position my mouse right on the tiny spot that lets me do it that I usually have to click into the box and use my up/down arrows instead. Would be great if the trigger area for making a quick change were just a few pixels bigger!!! Thank you!

Yes agreed!! No idea why they made it so small, I would prefer to slide all the time not manually click random input #'s. please fix asap

I kind of feel like the feature is pointless unless it’s expanded a bit - it’s almost unusable currently, having to spend up to a minute just trying to get the cursor in place and finally grabbing it to use it. As someone who uses this type of feature frequently on various software, I would really appreciate an amendment to this.