Error Message: "Some components were reparented to avoid a dependency cycle."

I try to move a bunch of master components from a local file to a library file. Those components contain everything you imagine (variants, nested components, overrides, etc.).

I followed the instructions in this article: Move-published-components

I have no problems in publishing the origin file (no invalid assets or other problems).

So when I now cut the compontens in the origin file and paste it into the destination file, I get the following error: “Some components were reparented to avoid a dependency cycle.

Does somebody know, what this message exactly means? How can I avoid that message? Is it even a problem?
(I didn’t dare to continue and quickly undid everything via CMD + Z) :wink:

Thanks for your help!

Hey Ben, I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #879092, for reference. Could you please send the URL of the file to the team, and add as an editor on this file so they can take a closer look?

Also, please confirm the exact steps you are taking to produce the error? Or if possible can you send a recording showing this?

Hi, I’m getting the same error, I recorded a video.
After an error, one of the options crashes from the component. There was no error before adding the new option.

We have gotten this error in our component library file a few times. It creates a huge challenge because we can no longer edit global components that we use in all of our design files. I also managed to capture a video of this happening when trying to add a variant property. It would be really nice to know why this happens and if there is a way to stop it from happening in the future.