Enhancement to asset export and management

problem 1:
in our current hand off design to dev workflow, we run into challenges of files with long list of images and icons but the developer needs to click on every single icon/image to download it all.

proposed solution: would be nice to have a one click button to download everything that’s in the export panel as a folder or compressed file for developers

problem 2:
another problem is that, when a image is used, but not manually marked as exportable, it will not show up in the assets list for developers to download, which causes project time loss and unnecessary hyper-care post design hand off.

proposed solution: automatically consider all icons and images as exportable assets, if designer want to remove something, they can do the subtraction. vs. now they have to mark from zero item to all. if they want to change export settings, there is default image to 1x and 2x png, and default icons to svg. if designers want to change the setting later, they can

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thanks! this would solve problem 1 pretty well