"Empty" Auto Layout Frame keeps the size of last hidden child

+1. Currently using the 0px Frame hack as a workaround.

This is a very frustrating bug and should be fixed. It affects the usage of boolean properties.

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Ran into this error today as well… It was not that big of a deal, since i just built a separate component for my case, but still when you are in the hour before the deadline of your final Bootcamp presentation, these kind of bugs aren’t something you want to figure out in this kind of situation… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Bot sure if it’s a bug. I often use empty AL containers similar as one would use an empty div container: A placeholder for things that might appear in that section but are currently not visible.

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bump so that this topic will not auto-close.


+1. This bug forces me create another frame with another boolean prop to hide the empty frame.

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+1. This is super frustrating. A container set to size to its contents that has no contents should be zero.

I have a stack of components that I need its autolayout parent container to hug vertically, and it can’t because its children are taking up phantom space. Makes no sense.

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I cannot believe this is the condition of this feature.

Just encountered this too. This should behave the same as CSS whereby display: none child elements don’t affect the height of the parent, so the parent collapses in height if all children are not displayed

Just adding another +1 to keep this issue open

If the frame height is set to “Hug” it shouldn’t have a height when it’s empty or when the elements inside it are hidden.

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This is the challenge with Figma lately, all the focus goes to random new “features” but less attention to stuff that (even after years) is still not working 100%… sigh.


+1 I can’t believe this is still an issue

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Figma please fix this. Having to add an extra frame is a dumb workaround and is confusing when I handoff my file to dev and have to explain it.

Hey All, thanks for the feedback and so sorry for the delay!

Our team is proactively working on this and hope to have a fix soon - stay tuned!


I can’t wait until this is fixed! I have been running into this issue for some time, and I need it to collapse to zero for both height and width! Thanks!

@Jared_r Totally agreed. Still waiting for this…

Hey All, sorry for the delay!

The solution our team put together was more complicated than they originally anticipated, so the team had to gather more heads to collaborate to get this working as expected.

We’ll be sure to provide an update as soon as we can, but also keep an eye out on our future releases.

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I’m running into this today. I have a list of fixed size where items only appear if they are selected on a parallel list. If I select the, say, third item in the list, it appears fine… except two rows down. It makes no sense for it to be doing this when the width & height of the still-hidden items is set to 0.

Glad to hear a fix is on the way.

Keeping this alive until it is resolved…

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Puh-lease, please fix this. We’re two years in now … :woozy_face:

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