Embedded file previews of Google Docs in Figjam

My company uses Google Docs for documentation. I’d love to be able to put artifacts into FigJam boards but whenever I paste in a link, I don’t get a proper preview, just a clickable URL. I’m assuming this is because FigJam can’t authenticate with Google Drive. Is this coming? It’s a big barrier to using FigJam at a broader level here.

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Hey Scott! Thank you for your feedback. We’'ll pass your feedback along to the team for consideration.

In the meantime, I’ve switched your topic as a feature request so others in the community can vote your idea!

@Scott_Koellner what kind of preview would you expect to appear from a documentation file?

Thinking out loud here. If it’s a thumbnail of the first page, assuming there is access to GDrive, the content would be unreadable. If it’s a generic Google logo then all embeds will look the same and make it extremely difficult to distinguish one embed from another.