Embed spacing, text styles and code views

Whilst it’s great you can embed or link to components in platforms such as Jira, Confluence and Storybook it would also be helpful to show information on a components spacing, text styles and code views as well.

For example copying a component frame url and embedding this in Confluence produces the following view:

It would be great if you could also copy a url (maybe when in dev mode) and embed views of the spacing, text styles and code as well.

Another option would be to have access to spacing, text styles and code within one embed url and view. However, having the option to separate out has its benefits.

Being able to surface out spacing, text styles and code view would allow rich documentation to be created for teams that can be accessed outside of Figma. Figma would still be the single source of truth.

At the moment there is the scenario where a developer may need to look at documentation on one platform and then have to dive into Figma to gain other information. Yes, you could take a screenshot for spacing or cut and paste text styles and code from Figma, but a process would need to be in place to ensure any documentation is kept up-to-date.

The information is readily available in Figma so having an option to pull this out (without using a plugin) and embed elsewhere would be really valuable.

What do you think?


Spacing could look something like this:

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and for text styles something like this

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+1 on this!
This would be an excellent feature and so useful for adding to documentation, especially for developers to quickly and easily see the dev mode view of a design.


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your idea! We greatly value your feedback, and we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!



Our dev teams would find this incredibly useful and save them jumping around between different apps. Being able to keep the one source of truth in Figma would be much better.

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would be extremely useful. my team is currently building an internal playground only for this (plus tokens outputs for design system) when just embedding on confluence the dev mod could do the thing.