Email notifications - Set default notification settings for files unowned by me

The spam is really annoying.

This is what my settings look like, but when I first comment on a file, it sets it to this.

I keep forgetting to change it on each new file, so I get a bunch of spam of all comments in all files that I commented in.

Hey @Shane_Jensen - i’m looking into this. Just to make sure I understand entirely:

When you check “only mentions and replies” in your general settings - you’re still getting comments anytime a new one is added (not just only what you’re tagged in specifically) to a file you’re on, correct? Seemingly because you have the “everything” option selected within the files by default.

If that’s the case, I’ve gone in and tried to replicate this between two test accounts, and I’m not able to replicate. On my end, each new file respects the overall account notification option, and doesn’t send me alerts for every comment (just what I’m tagged/replied to).

For the files this happen on, are they files owned by you, or is it happening in files not owned by you?


It is happening to files not owned by me.
Also, “only mentions and replies” was already checked in my general settings- I am not sure if I had never set it to that or if it was the default, but it would be my preference.

Also, I think this only started happening a month ago or two. Maybe it is using the settings of the owners of the file?

Got it - so if you are not the owner of a file, you will receive notifications for mentions and replies by default. You’ll have to change these manually, as the setting you have is only regarding comments on files you actually own.

This help center article has additional details:

So ultimately, there isn’t a hard solution to stop these notifications automatically from unowned files by default, but will be set for all files you own. If you do notice that you start to get emails from files you own, let me know.

EDIT: I modified your topic title to match the issue you’d like to address, so it can stay in the “share feedback” board and can be voted on by other users.

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