Duplicating/Copying Annotations in Dev Mode

At one point the Annotation feature in Dev Mode allowed me to add an annotation to a frame, and when I copied that frame the annotation would be copied as well. This doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore. It was extremely nice when it did, because I often copy frames either to make a new iteration, put a copy on a different page, put a copy in a different file, build out a user flow, etc. and having to remake an annotation over and over is hard to keep track of.

Personally I need annotations to be connected to whatever I first put them on until I specifically delete it, but I can see how this could be annoying extra work for people who do not need that. Maybe this could be a setting, where you check on/off whether you want annotations to duplicate or not.

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Hey @Kylie_Dye, thanks for flagging this!

Our Dev mode team confirmed that this is a bug. Please keep an eye on this topic for updates from the team: