Don't save blank new files

Small quality of life improvement:

Don’t save blank new files.
I’ll accidentally hit Cmd+N and then immediately close the tab before doing anything. I end up with a bunch of “Untitled” files that are blank.

It’d be great if it didn’t save these blank files. Seems easy enough to delete files that are blank.

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Thanks for the feedback, @eugene.chang!

We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration. Don’t forget to also Vote, so we can get an accurate gauge of interest from the community.

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I notice we have tons of untitled files, empty or redundant files in our org. Is it possible to create a simple feature that will automatically delete empty files after period?

In regards of sustainability and making everything less cluttered we try to keep a hold on everything that has become redundant. Would be nice if Figma taps into this to make it better manageable - all in love for our planet :smiley: