Doesn't support Thai language In frames title

I understand that it may be a small portion that is used in Thai, but sometimes we need to use it in real Thai language. such as in government-related tasks. I would appreciate it if you don’t let this case pass. Thanks!


Hi there! Thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration.
I confirm that Figma currently supports English and Japanese. Still, you can use Google’s Chrome browser and its machine translation to translate Figma into more languages! For more information, please have a look at our article here: Hope this will help you in the meantime.

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This is an example of frames title

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The correct way is

I hope that you can help us.


@Celine_Figma Updated! Thai language in frames title is not supported exclusively on MacBook but is supported on Windows.

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Hey there! Thanks for the clarification. We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.

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