Disappearance of instance modifications and prototype not updated

Hello ! I’m new to Figma and my english is note the best but I’m having big issues.

  1. When I’m editing instance like the text or icon, every time I leave and come back to the project another time, the changes have disappeared to find the contents of the main component.
    I’m losing a lot of time with this bug… and no, the solution with open the quick action menu and type “Fix instance overrides” doesn’t work.

  2. With the same instance, I have the problem than when I’m edit it and change the text or whatever, it doesnt seem to appear on the prototype which is still with the main component content.
    So I cant do any demo to my product owner or dev because, what I see on my edit panel et what we see on the prototype is not the same.

These to case hapening on the same components and for variant like overhing or on click

And when I quit my file and come back later (a day after for ex), all my modifications on the active or overing variant of my instance disappeared.

Thank you for reading me :slight_smile: I am quite desperate with these very very problematic bugs for my work

Hi @Cynthia! Please don’t worry about any language barriers – happy to help!

I wish I could directly address this, but I think I’d need to look at your file directly to visualize better. However, I can’t grab that from you on the forum for security and privacy reasons.

I’ll check in to see if there are recommendations from support that I can pass onto you.