Disable "Push changes to main component"

This feature is an open door to disruption in a design system library file. From my testing, I assume this is only possible if a user:

  • Has edit access to the library file
  • Is making changes to an instance inside that library file

I never want this to be an available feature to anyone using a design system component instance. Is there a way to 100% disable this feature? Component changes always need to go downstream, and they need to happen as a result of a deliberate change to the main component, never from a user making a subjective decision while implementing a component, and pushing a change upstream. Yikes. :confused:

Hey @Greg_Smith, thanks for the feedback!

This currently isn’t possible, but we hear you. This could definitely cause issues for users. We’ve updated your topic into a feature request, and we’ll pass this along to our team for future consideration.

Thanks @dvaliao, I appreciate the reply. There are obviously more important features your team is working on, this one just hit me this week :laughing: Cheers!