Disable image border by default when importing images into FigJam

When I export images/photos that were placed in FigJam file, all photos export with this thick white border. Is there workaround so that the images export as if in normal Figma design file, ie, without the border?


Hey @Tricia,
To give you some visibility, this extra padding is the expected behaviour for FigJam, but if you copy and paste the content over to a Figma Design file, you should have much more control over how it exports.
If you’re not using Figma Design regularly, then Export from Figma and Export formats and settings may be helpful in understanding the options available for different exports.

As a workaround, in FigJam you can also right-click on an image to ‘Copy as PNG’ > select ‘Transparent’ background which should not have any padding applied. Hope this helps!

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Yeah I was hoping to find a solution that would stay within the FigJam file, I tried exporting with transparent background but it’s still exporting with a border… though just a transparent one.
I want to share the FigJam file with people who are not Figma users, and I want them to be able to extract images directly from the FigJam file. Oh well, Thanks for the reply though.

Thank you for your feedback Tricia! Unfortunately, we can’t at this moment. We’ll pass along your feedback to our team for consideration.

I’ve gone ahead and switched your topic as a feature request, so others in the community can vote up for the idea!

I take a screenthot, bring it into FigJam and be default it has a border. I dont want this. I expect to go to my preferences and uncheck a box that says “add border to image by default” or something along these lines.


This is very odd behavior. Why does Figma add a border? The default should be to export an image as is.

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