Disable default image border when importing/pasting images to FigJam

The FigJam behavior has recently changed. Now, when I paste a screenshot into FigJam, it automatically adds an ‘image border’. Every time, I have to manually deselect it to remove the border.

Is there a way to revert to the old behavior where the border was not automatically added to imported pictures?


Hey there,

Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable at the moment. However, we’ve shared your suggestion with our internal team for consideration in future updates!

Thanks again,

Cannot stress enough how much I DO NOT WANT AN IMAGE BORDER ADDED to images I place in FigJam.


I don’t love default border on pictures. I use FigJam for all my pre Figma work, that includes using screenshots for low-fi designs/exploration. The decision to make borders default is unfortunate and slows me down.