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Devs are unable to command click to deep select

I am trying to help my developers deep select by using command+click so they can see the css code in the inspect panel for items nested in layers, but they are telling me that it does not work for them. They are on Macs (not PCs) I have my file sharing to anyone in my organization “can view” because I don’t want them to accidentally make changes as they click on items. Any ideas why command+click keyboard shortcut is not working for them?

When you have view-only access to the file, deep select works the opposite way: it’s on by default and off when you press cmd/ctrl.

Why? Its make no sense. Click behaviour should be consistent,

To me it makes a bit of sense: developers usually need to inspect elements deep in the layers structure and that’s similar to how most other handoff tools work, like Zeplin. So this pattern is familiar or at least more intuitive to them. Designers, on the other hand, need more precise control over selection, so deep select is optional. I’m sure Figma team did research that led them to make it work this way, it’s not like it’s some random idea.