Dev Mode: Resize frame to see responsive intentions

Hello. With all the updates to auto layout, it would be wonderful if when an engineer is reviewing the designs, they could actually resize a frame to see how the designer intended for the responsive breakpoints to work. Especially since CSS now supports container responsive in some browsers which is essentially how Figma works. Right now, the only option would be to copy and paste frames side by side of different sizes to show that interaction but it only gets you so far and letting the actual engineer modify that width to see the responsive intentions you baked into the design would be way more helpful and less “noise” on the screen for them to review.


Hey Ed! Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. We’re continuing to work on improving dev mode – since this is new, this is very helpful :grinning:

I highlighted this in an internal feedback board on my end. Would you be willing to receive future contact from us via email if our engineers would like to pick your brain more?