Dev Mode: how to inspect component properties and variables with modes properly?

I’ve been setting up a design system for me as a designer, but ultimately I would like to give developers proper insight into the way I have set up my design system. What I like about Figma’s Dev Mode, is that it allows to dive deeper into the variations of components, for example. What I miss, or what I didn’t discover yet, is that developers should be able to inspect the intricacies of component properties. Here is an actual example:

A button, which has 3 states, but also a prefix icon and a suffix icon. This button, with states and optional icons, is available in three hierarchical levels: primary (dominant styling), secondary (less dominant styling) and tertiary (subtle styling).

The Playground is a nice way to discover all of the available variations of a component (including boolean/enum properties). But you can’t really inspect what is going on. I would like developers to be able to easily discover metrics and style properties of any of the variations.

Question 1: how can I achieve convenient inspection of component properties for developers?

Additionally, we designers can utilize variables smartly by setting up modes per variable and variable aliases. I have created awesome variables that respond to light/dark mode frames, as well as component mode selection like statuses (“danger”, “success”, etcetera). An actual working example in design mode:

A variable named “color-status-foreground”. This variable has 4 modes: “upcoming”, “fired”, “cooking”, “plated”. These are occupied with aliases to variables that contain light/dark modes, which in turn are aliases to reference colors.

There is a related question to this: For Dev Mode we need to show all variable states.

Question 2: how can I ensure the developer interprets “color-status-foreground” as a variable that has in total 8 values based on different modes (4 status modes, each having light/dark mode)?

I do think that my questions might end up in the “share an idea” category, but I wonder if there are any pragmatic solutions to use Figma as it currently is.

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It seems like the Component Playground has received an update. Right now, I am able to review all properties and their values of a single component. This is great! It allows me to much better communicate the intricacies of a component.

The final thing I am missing in the playground, is inspecting the component instance. What are the dimensions, text styles, color styles or applied variables?

The sketch as illustrated above may be a bit of a stretch, but it would come down to having the ability to review every detail from the instance in the way one would be able to on the canvas (either in design mode or dev mode).

I wish there was a way to change state right from the dev mode instead of having to go into the playground and see the change within the design instead of having to see the element independently.

The other issue I have ran into is the playground background is light. For dark theme components it is hard to see them sometimes since they are also light.