Desktop App - WebGL Error

Hi, I have been trying for the last month to enter figma’s desktop app
only to see a webGL error message saying:
"We can’t open this file because we’re having trouble with WebGL. Please try restarting the desktop app.
If this problem persists, your graphics card or driver may not be supported."

And I have tried everything i could find about this problem:
-I have updated my drivers
-I have made sure all my browsers are WebGL compatible, and all the settings are set to true
-I have tried setting flags (but I’m no good in code)

All the solutions I have found on the internet have failed to make it work.

Please if anyone can help, please respond and I’ll follow
Thanks :pray:

Hi @Avishai_Dadon,

Thanks for reaching out about this! This generally means there’s a proxy or firewall setting which is preventing the use of WebGL by the Desktop App. You can read more on configuring proxies in Technical troubleshooting tips under ‘:no_entry_sign: You aren’t using Figma behind a Firewall or Proxy’.

If you are still running into issues, please reach out to us here: Our technical quality team will investigate further.

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