Design is not reflected in Figma widget plugin. someone help me

I don’t have much knowledge about development, but I’m currently trying to develop a Figma widget plugin.

Figma App
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I’m trying to develop and test a music player widget app. Initially, an error occurred, but the error was resolved by deleting the Author etc. in the manifest.json file. However, the design created in ui.html is not reflected. Is it possible for you to tell me what to do when I have a moment?


In your widget code (code.js and code.tsx) I didn’t see that you were calling the iframe (figma.showUI() method). Please see the developer documentation:

Images in plugin interface - #2 by tank666;

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thanks @tank666 Thank you for your kind gesture.

I included the Figma.showui code including these, but there was no response. There are some parts that I don’t understand due to my lack of knowledge, which causes trouble. I plan to update and improve these further.

After watching these videos, I decided to change my way of thinking and try making a music player again. If you use a widget code generator, you can create a plug-in from the design, so I will try it out. However, in either case, I would like to obtain a separate method to reflect ui.html in the design.

UI.html cannot live on canvas in the Figma editor. It can only be displayed in an iframe.

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Thank u @tank666! I understand! thank you for your kind reply.