CSS properties - Exclude second fallback parameter

Am curious if there’s an easy way to exclude the second fallback parameter from any css custom properties displayed within the dev inspector? Our dev team will not utilize the fallback values, and is hoping to sync these variables 1:1 with the css custom properties defined within the codebase. We’re aware we can manually edit the variable and exclude the second parameter, but would love if there were a way to make this the default behavior.i.e. we would prefer color: var(--primary-100) over color: var(--primary-100, #f3f3f3) as a default if possible.

Thanks for this question/feedback @Marija_Zidaric – it looks like someone on the support team was able to reach out to you and let you know that there currently wasn’t a way to achieve this natively, and marked it as a feature request for our engineering team. I’m going to leave this topic under “share feedback” so others can vote on it :grin: