Creating PDF with multiple pages out of FigJam

Dear community, I tried to find an answer in existing topics but without success. Sorry if I just didn’t find the answer …

My problem statement:
I used to work in miro in that way, that I created boards with well structured frames and then I could export them to PDF with one page per frame. By that I could set up specs documents with lots of contents like in PPT or whatever have you.
Now I wanted to switch to FigJam to have designs and specs in one project but I’m missing the option to create PDFs out of FigJam with one page per section.

Who can help me out?

Hey Andy, thank you for reaching out! You mentioned you’re used to work with frames to export. I would suggest using section, you can see in my screen recording how to export from sections.

Also if you have downloaded multiple PDF pages you can put them together outside of FigJam.

Please let me know if this has answered your question.

Hi @Gayani_S , first of all thanks for coming back with your proposal.
To be honest, this is not what I hoped for. When I mentioned frames, I was talking about the naming in Miro, where Sections are called Frames. In Miro, I have one board with some 50 frames for a whole UX Specs documentation. With one click I can generate a PDF with these 50 “frames” as a PDF with 50 pages. I don’t want to put together 50 PDFs one by one every time I make an export.
So my wish would be to export a FigJam board and then it creates one page per section in one single PDF. Looking at your answer, I assume, this is not possible, so I’ll have to find an other way using PPT or staying in Miro. :frowning:

Thanks, I’ve shared your feedback internally with the team. Also, I am going to change the category to ‘Share an Idea’ so others can vote for your feature request and leave their feedback. Please feel free give your post a vote as well.

For remote teaching, it is very helpful to export a whiteboard in PDF with multiple pages like a sort of handwritten note. This is naturally implemented in Jamboard that is going to leave us!

Now, I would like to migrate to FigJam.

FigJam seems to export only in a single, huge PDF. I tried to organize my whiteboard in sections, scaled to A4 and printed them one after another. If I have 50 or more sections in a file the printing job becomes very challenging!!

Please, is there a way to select all my 50 sections within a file and then print them in corresponding 50 PDF pages?

Please, implement this feature!!

Thank you very much

Hi Fabio,

You can give Super PDF a try and export only the elements you want from FigJam to you PDF file. The exported PDF file is in super hight quality. I hope this helps with your whiteboard work and organizational preferences.

Hi Andy,

Maybe Super PDF can help you achieve what you want and export selected elements from FigJam into a PDF file with multiple pages. I hope that helps and if you have any ideas on how we can help the community I’m all ears.

Yes, the “Super PDF” plugin works, finally.

Thank you very much for your precious help!

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