Creating an editable angled instance

I have to create 7 angled devices with weekly updatable UI with more than 20 translations meaning that i’m going to have over 150 devices with different translations. This has to be easy access for not only me but a full team working in different places around the world.

Can it really be, that there dosen’t exist a plugin that can angle your instance, so you can edit live from the main component? I have tried several angle plugins that merge your instance into an image and thats not doable for us.

I’m crossing my fingers here hoping someone else found a great solution for this :slight_smile:

Hi @Lasse_Wiik_Lenschau
Unfortunately, there is currently no support for 3D transformations in Figma. However, people have been requesting this feature. You can upvote this post ( to bring it to Figma’s attention

Will do.
Thanks for your reply.