Creating a weight scale prototype

Hi, I am trying to create a weighing scale prototype. I am attaching a screenshot for reference. I want the number to change as a I drag the weighing scale below. I tried giving number variable to it and gave a drag interaction to the scale but it’s increasing unevenly not smoothly.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! If you set “on-drag” animation, I guess it should work perfectly. Could you share the screen recordings or file link with us so we can check the behavior?

Additionally, I think this YouTube looks helpful even thought it’s not using Variables:

I also hope other community members share their insights as well!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I don’t want the numbers to change as a scroll.

This is the file link

My apologies for the delayed response. Have you already found a solution?

From what I observed in the prototype, one reason for the uneven increase might be that the variable increments by 0.1 each time you drag the layer. A possible solution could be to create frames connected by smart animate instead of using variables. I know it’s not a perfect solution.

I also hope other community members can join this thread and share their insights for a better solution. I’m curious as well.


But if I do it like that. Then for even 1 kg increase I will have to make a lot of frames.