Create gradients based on color styles continued

Hi @Amir_Binenfeld

Ive noticed this issue has been closed and wondered if there has been a solution or new tool I’m not aware of.

The original issue…

Figma doesn’t allow to use of color styles for gradients. this is very non-scalable and creates issues when the user wants to bulk change the color of gradients.

Give an option to create a gradient-based on color styles and the option to see and alter the colors from outside of the element your selecting (from the “Selection Colors” section

I would also find this very beneficial .

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Hey @Martin_Hill, unfortunately - no solution yet :cry:. The only solution is to create a color style from a gradient but that cause a lot of limitations on using the gradients

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Thats a shame :frowning: Any ideas how we can get this up voted.

@Martin_Hill I think the only way is to post it on different forums

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Just, so not closing the circle on a design system

Not only that, but color styles should be nestable. For an example: I can create a color style that uses multiple colors. One base color and one darken color on 20% opacity. That would be wonderful to automatically make darker/lighter shades of my primary color.

Gradients are similar to this since they are colors composed by other colors and I’d love to have a gradient with my primary to secondary for an example.

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This would save so much time and should make design systems more complete…