Create a hover effect for multiple objects

New to Figma here. I’m trying to create a curriculum map that when you hover over one circle (topic), for example, all other circles that are related change color to green to signify a connection. How can I do this in Figma? Any assistance is appreciated!

Do you have any visual examples of the curriculum map you are looking to replicate?

Yes, here’s a screenshot

I have this file in Figma now. The concept is when I click/hover on Digital Citizenship in Grade 1, then Digital Citizenship in Grade 2 should also change to the same color showing a connection to content taught in both grades and so on in the 3rd through 12th grade.

Thanks for sharing @Makeba_McCray, and welcome to Figma!

It looks like the screenshot you shared may be from FigJam, but if you want to create an interactive curriculum chart, you’d want to build that in Figma Design.

The fun (or at times stressful) thing with Figma is you can solve design & interaction challenges in so many different ways.

That said, I put together a rough example of how one could build it.

View Prototype
Get Example File

Note: This approach uses components, variables, variants, and interactions. If you are not familiar with those, check out the Figma Help Center.

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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking to do!!

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