Copy Link should use the name of the frame copied

I name all my Figma frames so that someone looking at the frame sees a sensible label for what the frame is about. I also often need to share links directly to specific frames in any one of my Figma files or pages. When I do, I can paste that link into Jira and the URL resolves to a friendly name, which is great… but that friendly name is always the name of the FILE, which means that every frame link I include in a ticket has the same “friendly” text, making it useless. Thus I need to write descriptions to accompany every link I share.

If when copying a link to a frame or a page, the links could resolve to THOSE names rather than the name of the file it would provide a much more useful and clear experience for anyone who needs to work with those tickets.

Thank you!

Agreed, and also this happens for exported files. If you export multiple images at once, it will create a zip file with the name of the file instead of the name of the layer/component selected. Not really easy to find downloaded files after.

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