"Copy link" Doesn't Teleport to Frame/Component Unless in Dev mode

I use links to share designs quite often, however recently it has stopped working like it used to.


When opening a link in mode=design it only selects the frame/component. It does NOT teleport you to it. However, if you change the links mode to mode=dev, it selects AND teleports you to it.

I assume this is a bug because it used to have the same behavior for both modes.

I also have open-in desktop app enabled and I haven’t tested it to see if it does the same thing opening in the browser.

Hi Zach,
Thanks for flagging this!
I can’t reproduce it, it works on my end :thinking:. Would you mind sharing a copy of your file and a quick screen recording to our support team here? https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new So they can investigate it further. Thank you!