Copy and pasting frames between Figjam and Figma presenting bug in variables modes

Hi, I’m working with variable modes in different collections to create “nested themes”, such as brand types in one collection, and light modes in other one. It’s working fine on my Figma file, but when I copy and paste it on FigJam it’s exporting with issues.
Does anyone knows how to solve it?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m checking with our internal team. I will get back to you when I have anything I can share with you. In the meantime, if possible, could you share the file link so we can investigate it? If it’s ok, please add It wont’t affect your billing.

Thanks for your patience.

Great! I shared the Figma file, should I send the link via e-mail as well?
Thank you for the support

Hi there,

Thanks for the message. I sent you via DM on the Forum. I guess you got a notification on the mail icon when you click the profile picture.


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