Convert to Frame

I would love to purpose one real quick thing: What if we have an option to convert a shape to a Frame?


Are you suggesting that a star would be the shape of the frame?

You can right click and select frame selection, and then just delete the shape. Almost as quick. This plugin does the same thing:

It definitely works, but I seem to have found a bug, if you try to move any object/shape inside the frame, kinda of bleeding, created via “Frame Selection” the object pops out.

If I create a frame and move the same object inside the frame, it works.


You have to check clip content on the frame for objects not to be visible past the edges.

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Not really sure why this is a thing to begin with. I guess it’s a bad behavior migrated from XD/Sketch. In figma, there are very few cases where you would really NEED to use rect instead of frame or autolayout.

So, trying to add a very limited case feature would bring very little benefit as opposed to changing your work style. Imo

Maybe not for rectangles specifically, but if you think of rectangles as a shape, then it makes more sense. You can’t edit the shape of a frame, while rectangles can be distorted in all kinds of ways.

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