Control nested components properties

Please make it possible to control which properties of nested components (atoms) can be used in higher components (molecules).

What if I use same nested component in different objects and I don’t need some properties in both of them?

What if I don’t need some booleans which is part of variants of that atom in molecule?

Please fix it, thank you.


And by the way it would be very nice if you’ll hide everything before last word which comes after last slash. Or make it possible to rename

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Hey Dmitry, thank you for raising this feature request. Could you give me more information on this? I am not sure if I am understanding first request correctly.
Also, I’ve merged the third one with a similar, so you can vote on the main page.

For example.

I have Icon Button with 5 different types and 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. And I use this Icon Button as a nested item inside some Bar, and I want to have an option to change icons, however size and type of Button must be forbidden to change and always be Ghost and Large.

Just add checkboxes like this


Got it! Thank you for explaining.

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When can we expect such functionality? By implementation looks like not a difficult task.