Consistent Component Swap Instance Search

Please upgrade the swap instance search field in the design panel so it can find text in component descriptions, in addition to the exact component name text. The component search in the asset panel already does this very well. Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback, Lars! We’ll forward this to the teams for consideration.

Component resource menu and instance swamp menu have a search function that works poorly.

  • Newly created components are sometimes not found until you close and reopen the file. As far as I can tell, this bug appeared recently.
  • When you have a lot of components with names that contain multiple words separated by spaces, the search becomes useless. Looks like it matches everything with any of the words in search term. You can search for a component with it’s exact name and get a lot of irrelevant results.

I would suggest that these search functions should look for components with names that match all searched words. For example, searching for “foo bar” would return components “foo bar” and “bar something foo”, but would not return components “foo” and “bar something”.