Conditional prototyping


I have created two interactive dropdown menus. The next step is that I want to create an interaction where the user navigates to a new frame after making specific selections in the dropdown menus.

dropdown menu 1 = item A
dropdown menu 2 = item B
navigate to frame 3

If anyone can guide me in the correct direction or provide me with a link which explains a similar issue, it would be much appreciated!

what would trigger the navigation action to happen? is it after selecting both option or something similar to submit button?

regardless of the trigger, I would create two string variables Value1 and Value 2 (For the selected values of the two drop down menu) and those would be assigned by each dropdown selection (on click → set variable (Value1/Value2) to (X value/ Y value).

Then on the trigger I would set a conditional if Value1 = “X value” and Value2 = “Y value” then Navigate to “Frame”.



Thank you very much, this was exactly what I needed!