Conditional interaction and disable scroll position (go to top of page)

Hello friends,
I am using a conditional interaction to set a variable which turns off a layer. After this occurs, I would like the page to scroll up or return to the top.

In looking this up, I’ve found there is a “disable the scroll position” checkbox when prototyping a link between frames.

Is there something similar for my situation?

Thank you.

Hey Doug, I found a YouTube tutorial showing you how to set this interaction with a header. Let me know if this is want you’re searching.


Thank you. It is close and I did try adding two interactions. One to set my variable and another to scroll to the top of the page, however, Figma does not seem to run them both.

Because I am setting a variable through an interaction, Figma has no idea that I want to scroll to the top of the page, which is completely understandable.

It’s almost like I need a programmatic method of scrolling to the top of the page…

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Thank you.

Random thought…

I did take a look, but a frame scroll position property would do the trick. With that I could assign a variable value, but I don’t see one.

If anyone encounters the same issue, this thread will help.

Multiple Click Interaction Events - Ask the community - Figma Community Forum

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