Conditional boolean for input?

Hi guys, how to achieve this?
when on tap, If input = empty, set input to Mary

example scenario: user fill in form

  1. If name input = empty, set input to Mary
  2. If email input = empty, set input to
  3. if message input = empty, set input to Hi can you help me?
  4. if all inputs are filled, set button boolean value to true, then user able to click submit form.

Can this be done? then I don’t have to have 4 pages to do user testing, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, seems fairly easy to do

You will need 3 vars to get it going

And here what interaction looks like (one field, others are the same)

If condition checks all the strings against desired value. If all set to what we need, then enable button

Button disabled state is bound to Boolean var

Woah cool, thanks @Pavel_Kiselev I manage to get it working somewhat. Is it possible to make the initial input value to have no value at all? meaning no placeholder
:white_check_mark: Name : ( )
:x: Name: ( Enter name )

2nd question: how to reset the form to return to its initial value again?
so that user able to test action: removing the inputs
so that I don’t have to keep restart the prototype. :grin:

Np mate.

Play with component states for the former. It would make it a bit more complex, not sure by how much

And have another interaction to set initial var values for the former

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