Compress exported PDF file

I suggest having this feature in Figma since we are on a paid plan. Especially when we have so many frames/screens to be exported (eg. 170+) it’s a really huge filesize.

And it’s not allowed to use an external PDF compressor platform when our projects are confidential.

So far, I can only convert the frames into individual PNGs/JPGs, replace the frames with these image files, and export them into PDF. This is so time-consuming and troublesome.

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You can use our plugin MKIFPdf,

even if it can not yet reproduce all the possibilities of Figma to 100%.
But it should be enough for many cases.
The generation is 100% on your device!

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While Figma doesn’t currently offer built-in PDF compression for paid plans, here are some alternative solutions you might consider:

1. Utilize Figma plugins:

  • Pitch Deck: This plugin allows you to compress large PDF presentations while maintaining quality. You can set the desired DPI (dots per inch) to balance resolution and file size.
  • This plugin integrates with the online compression service of the same name, letting you directly compress exported PDFs within Figma.

2. Explore Third-party Tools (with caution):

  • External compression services: If your Figma files contain sensitive information, exercise caution. Use reputable services with strong security measures and avoid uploading entire designs. Consider compressing only exported PDFs after removing confidential elements.
  • Desktop compression software: Tools like 7-Zip or Adobe Acrobat Pro allow PDF compression while offering better control over confidentiality compared to online services.

3. Optimize your Figma file:

  • Reduce image sizes: Replace raster images with vector versions whenever possible. Consider using lower resolutions for non-critical elements.
  • Minimize text layers: Convert text to outlines if the formatting isn’t crucial.
  • Remove unused assets and frames: Clean up your design to exclude unnecessary elements.

4. Advocate for the feature:

  • Let Figma know about your needs through their feedback channels. They might prioritize developing a built-in compression feature if there’s enough demand from paying users.