Components with animation speeds up when used as an instance

Hi, I have a component with two variants of a hand wave emoji. I’ve added interactions to these variants so that the hand looks like it’s waving. I’m using delay with a set speed of 200ms for the transition variables. When I pull this component from the assets and view it as a stand-alone element, the speed seems accurate. However, when I place this component into another component, and place that into yet another component, the speed of the animation speeds up when I play the prototype. Is there a reason why this happens and how would I fix this? Thanks!

Hi Linda_Pham1 ! Hmm, we are not aware of this issue. If you set speed of 200ms for the transitions variable, the animation should keep the speed you intend to do. Could you please share a quick video recording to see what’s happened on your end, and also a copy of your file? So we can try to reproduce it. If you hesitate to share your file in public, you can reach out to our support team: Thank you!

Hi Celine, for some reason this issue ended up resolving itself. Not sure if my Figma was just buggy, but it’s no longer a problem. Thanks for replying. =)

Ah, glad it’s been solved by itself! Thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face: