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Components missing when previewing a prototype?


I’ve imported a design from sketch, and started prototyping in Figma, however when I preview the prototype, several components are missing.

Here are some screenshots showing the editor vs the preview to illustrate this.

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Can you share the file? Sketch imports can have some structural issues which would cause this error. You can talk to Figma support team about it via support request form.

Hey thanks for the response.

I used the support request form but as a starter plan member, I don’t think it will get a response.

Here is a link to the file (I hope), thanks for the help.


Hmm, I can see them when I view the prototype:

Support team replies to everyone, especially if you are reporting a bug. It just might take a while.

Which browser are you using? Or are you on Figma desktop app? Try viewing it in a different place or in incognito mode in the browser.

Huh, well thanks for checking, its working fine for me too now - pretty sure I haven’t touched the project since posting this topic… :man_shrugging: Anyway I appreciate the time taken to have a look.

For the record I originally was using the desktop app and then tested again in Safari. Both had the same issue.