Components from the DS file do not come as an update to the design files

Hey, I work at a large company with a wide variety of design systems, projects, and other files.

Recently, my team built a design system for our specific needs. However, after some time, when we publish updates, some updates either come to the design files days later or don’t check them at all. The DS file indicates that there’s nothing to publish, but the end files don’t receive any updates on the components. Unpublishing doesn’t seem to help, and clearing cookies didn’t make a difference either.

Is there a more specific reason for this, or is it just a bug in Figma’s pipeline?

@yigoro8733 Hmm…it’s hard to tell where things are getting halted just from your description.

Not to say that there may not be an issue on the Figma end, but it would be really helpful to take a look at your DS files/libraries to hone in on the problem.

Would it be possible for you to share a copy of what you’re working with? If not, totally understandable, but would recommend connecting with support in either case for more help.

Feel free to PM me and I can get you connected + provide more info on how to proceed.

Also, apologies ahead of time if I don’t get back to you quickly – with the approaching weekend, I may not be able to get to your message until Monday :sweat_smile: