Component Variants - text disappears?

When creating a component with variants (checkbox frame) and putting a text label next to it, the text disappears after I drag it into the component in the layers section. Any idea why that is?

I followed this video: Figma tutorial: Interactive components - YouTube

Watch from min 2:00 to understand my issue. Thanks!

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Same, it also happens to me!

Are we going to get a response for this in 2024?

Hey there,

Thanks for flagging. Could you please share the screen recordings or file link so we can investigate? I’m not be able to reproduce this behavior.


Hello! I was just rereading the the original post and my issue was slightly different. I was seeing text disappearing on hover (from an interactive component). However, I have since then fixed the issue. My resolution was to change “on hover” to “mouse enter/mouse leave” and that seemed to fix most of the glitching I was seeing. I also was dealing with three levels deep of component nesting which might have contributed?

Thanks for sharing your solutions. Yeah, mouse enter/leave could solve the problem when you have any issues while hovering triggers.

Thanks again!

Does this actually fix the issue? I am watching the same video on YouTube and have the exact issue the poster was talking about. What is going on?

Hi there,

I’m guessing variants have “Clip content” checked, but could you take a look?

clip content

If you uncheck it, the text layer should appear. Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you.



Thanks a lot @y_toku , it’s working

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