Component publishing loop after moving component

Something very unusual happened today:
I moved some master components from a file to another, as I have done may times before [cut > paste > publish].

I immediately notice that some of the pasted components were flagged as “invalid” and decided to history revert the changes, after that the trouble begun.

Once the components were reverted in the original file, they asked to be published again. After doing that all the instances of those components (both in the same and other files) lost the connection to the master components and asked to “restore component”.

When I try to restore the component, the restored master asks to be updated, only to cause the instance to lose the connection again and ask a new “restore component”. An infinite component publishing loop.

Furthermore, no matter how far I go in the history, this problem persists and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

Any ideas on what could have happened?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey Davide, would you mind if I create a support ticket on your behalf I guess the best solution is here if support takes a look at your file to help you out?

Please do! And thanks for reaching out! :smiley:

@Nat14 Follow the thread update

Thank you so much, send the link when you are done so that I can provide more links / information.

Hi @Davide9 - Although Gayani mentioned we’d create a ticket instead, could you please submit one using this form: Our support team will be able to identify your account details if you file the ticket using your Figma account email.

Apologies for any mix-up, but we’re hopeful our support team can delve deeper into this issue!

Thanks for your understanding!

Hello everyone,
after some helpful communication with the support and some hours sank in troubleshooting components here is the solution that I found:

  1. The “looping” components are doomed, no use trying to fix them.

  2. Restore the previous file history version of BOTH files (the one you cut the components FROM and the one you pasted them INTO) to right after you moved the components the first time.

  3. Now do the reverse: move the components from their current location back to file where they were originally located following this process.

  4. Check that all the components have kept their properties especially when they contain sub-components, as it can happen that they can detach.

  5. Move the components again to the file file they were meant to be moved in following the same process.

  6. Check again that all the components and their properties are intact and you should be done!

Takes a little time, but it works! At least it worked for me

Many thanks to the support team that kept the communication even during the holiday time!

@Davide9 thanks so much for sharing the details! So helpful. Glad you’ve solved!