Component boolean multiple variations

As I’m daily working with component libraries I came across to a technical issue with layer’s boolean property. Let’s say I have a component with 2 variations and I want when one them is false the other to be true. Currently I have to create a new component with 2 variants and name them “True”, “False”. Is there a solution to this now to query and merge 2 boolean variants together, like to say if this is “true”, the other should be “False”?

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Is there a reason you are not working with one component and multiple variant properties?

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I could not find this wanted feature as well.

But if you use it a lot and you use Windows you can have True and False in you clipboard and hit

Windows + V

windows will open a clipboard history and you can choose the one you want

The other way is to have one main component to just duplicate and edit it to fast-forward naming booleans :smiley:

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