Comparing figma versions

Hello experts…

Could I ask a question here. My company’s design team is releasing 4-5 Figma documents versions for design. Even though their release history says the changes, still there are hidden changes. I am planning to develop a plugin to compare 2 Figma documents. Is it possible to compare via plugin? Example we use a diff tool used for comparing 2 text document?

@tank666 ??

Yes you can! Use REST API.

I have used REST API for my other works in python. So I know the concept. So here if I query a Figma document using REST API will it return the entire content and you suggest do that fetch for both files and do file comparison on the return result?

It depends on your ideas and needs. You can get JSON for the entire document or for a specific node.

Thank you Tank. I will try fetch this first and I will check what all things I am getting from it. Basically I want A-Z :slight_smile: