Comments stick to object instead of position on layout

The comments feature is very handy amongst the colleagues.

It would be nice if the comments bubbles would stick to the object instead of sticking to the position within the frame.

Since we are moving stuff around ( adding or subtracting elements ) the comments made should stick to the proper parts of the design.

Otherwise, when we move things around, the comments don’t make sense anymore because they do not relate to the object’s new position.


Thanks for sharing this idea @fred_k. I agree that being able to pin comments to any object/layer would be helpful!

Thank you Josh! How is your process working. I am curious to know what are the feature requests that are making the cut. Is it a matter of voting?

Here is the detailed explanation: READ ME FIRST - How to use the Product Ideas category

Thank you!

Came here with this idea too. Would be very useful as designs constantly change. things move around and discussions often revolve around a specific element, section, etc. If I delete an element with a comment attached to it I think it would make sense to just have the comment unpinned.

Curious! Has any changes been made to this yet? Great feedback btw, same thought with you on this! :blush:

Yes this would be very helpful. Three thumbs up!

I think the use cases vary. I would actually appreciate being able to pick between pinning a comment to an item vs adding a general comment vs a comment placed at a certain position in the frame.

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Hello! Is it possible to add this feature? I suppose it worked in the past, but now it’s not possible and a bit annoying.

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Any updates? Can’t believe this feature is missing from a newbie-as-I-do standpoint…

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Really do need this. And it’s strange because if an object is NOT in a frame, the comment will stick to it, but you can’t pin comments to objects in frames. But I can see an issues like a comment being pinned to a group and then the group being ungrouped later, so I realize this is a hard problem overall. Hope this can be figured out!

On a second level, have comment categories with view/ hide option.
For example,

  1. I can create a wireframe design and me, or a collaborator, move it/ copy-paste it anywhere and comments stick with it.
  2. Moreover, I want to create and distinct comments for the development team, separated from the comment to the CX team, other comments for the UX Writing and copies team, and instruction for UI team, so every team may be able to hide unnecessary comments and instructions/ help the async. communication between teams.

Still need this!

Please make this feature @Figma_Support

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@Figma_Support agreed, that feature would be really helpful!