Comments are stuck regardless and it overlays on top of designs. Also I cant interact with the comment

So I have been adding comments to the design to see and make changes but the comments are stuck and I can’t interact and/or see the dialog box of the comments

Here is a zoomed-in version

I need help I have been facing this for months!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I know how frustrating it is. Please let me ask some questions.

Is this happening on Chrome? If that is the case, some of extensions directly changes what loads in a browser tab, and historically we have seen other users report issues when extensions like ad blockers or interfere with the connection to our web servers, causing actions in the UI to not function or files to not load as expected. So, using a Figma native app or on a different browser could resolve this issue. We would also suggest adding to any allow-lists if available in the extensions’ settings and see if the issue persists.

If you see the issue also in Figma native app, could you share the OS version, etc?

I hope the issue will be resolved, but if you have further questions, please feel free to let us know!