Comment/Discuss in Merge Review

It would be ideal to have a comments feature WITHIN the merge review dialog. Similar to other code version control tools (like Chromatic for Storybook), it would be ideal to be able to have a discuss/comment area in-context of each updated element in the merge.

Currently, the work around seems like that people have to first find exactly what it is they want to comment on (listed in the Merge dialog), and then go to that object in the file/page/canvas, and comment there? The downfall of that is those comments on the canvas get lost with the merge/branch.

In addition, having a description accessible for each branch after it’s been merged, would be beneficial too. Similar to this request: See branch description after the merge

Thanks for the consideration, and I recognize that this feature is very complex!


Really need a visible description for each branch. Comments could definitely be improved. +1

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I also noticed that any formatting I gave my description, on the Reviewer side, gets removed. Even just a simple line-break/paragraph. :frowning:

Hard for me to tell about the formatting in the side panel. I do wish versioning was more persistent and had less of an awkward workflow to access it.