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Coming from Spectrum?

Hey Spectrum users and welcome to our new support forum! :blush:

If you missed the update posted in Spectrum, I wanted to recap here just in case.

I’m excited to share with you a new support forum we’ve been building and working on over the past year!

Once logged in be sure to read through the guidelines and code of conduct here: Welcome and Forum Guidelines

and introduce yourself in this thread: 👋 Introduce yourself!

So…. what does this mean for Spectrum?

We have officially redirected Spectrum here to our new support forum. Unfortunately, there’s not a way for us to migrate conversations over (limitation on Spectrum’s end). We will however, be keeping Spectrum in a read only state for as long as possible to help aide in the transition.

Switching platforms comes with its pros and cons, and the process is almost always a little messy. With that being said though, we’ve put in a lot of time and effort in setting up the foundation and are really looking forward to seeing this new forum grow. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. :blush:

You can also reply directly to this thread with any questions related to Spectrum and this new forum.


Figma deserves to establish its own independent community platform, because Figma is large enough and ecologically prosperous. It needs more customization without having to stick to the rules of other platforms. Figma is awesome!


Thanks for the feedback. We definitely plan to make a ton of improvements here. Building a community platform is no easy or quick task and wanted to find a happy middle ground with existing and tested platforms. While it’s not perfect we feel this is a much more flexible and scalable solution. Lots more to come! :slight_smile:


One benefit of spectrum was that there are other communities on the same site. is there a way to clarify to users, “you sign in with your Figma account”?

I am happy to loose all of the Spectrum content if that means having people from Figma team actively answearing people’s questions and comments, otherwise not sure if I see the point.

Also, not to be a troll, but I find the design of the forum somewhat hard to read. Every UI element is priority one on the visual hierarchy. I know things take time to get used to, and I’m only new here, but I shouldn’t have problems knowing what’s what. Maybe a bit more spacing between the posts? IDK.


“We will however, be keeping Spectrum in a read only state for as long as possible to help aide in the transition.”

Well, that did not last long, all the useful threads are now lost… :confused:

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Appreciate the feedback @Bartek_K. We’re definitely working on improving the visual hierarchy and making sure everything is more accessible.

As far as your first point we would have loved to have brought over the Spectrum conversations but unfortunately Spectrum doesn’t allow this. This forum will continue to be a place for the community to come together and help each other out. The Figma team will definitely be active though and join in on conversations whenever possible.

Note this is not a replacement for our product support. For bugs, account issues, etc. we still ask for people to reach out via the in-app widget or by emailing directly.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hey @Svarry, yeah sorry about that, there was some confusion on how exactly this would work. It seems that you can still access posts via their URL. I was under the impression it was just going to be a banner at the top and posts would be in read only.

I’m going to reach out to the Spectrum team and see if we can make that transition a little better.


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Best Discourse forum ever. Keep it :100:!


Any news on threads to be still open (as read-only) for members? Thanks

Eu não consigo acessar uma font que eu baixei.
Já segui todos os passos especificado aqui e nada :frowning:

For anyone trying to find a thread on Spectrum that you don’t have the URL for, the easiest way is to go to Google and try ‘ “search term”’


Thanks, @Emile_Paffard-Wray, for this good tip.
@Josh , any updates on the issue?

Unfortunately not. After talking with the team at Spectrum they have their transfer system set up this way to best meet the needs of all of their communities. I was under the impression that it would be more of a readable state just with the banner at the top. The good news is that you can still find posts via google or by going to your profile. Definitely not ideal but unfortunately one of the downsides in switching communities. : /

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Thank you for this update!

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A post was split to a new topic: Issues exporting picture

I don’t like the idea that a company can control conversations about their product.

See you on reddit.

Can you explain more of what you mean by this?

As a Design Studio, I would like to be able to provide a simple way to edit text for clients, it would be great if they could simply press a textbox and get a text panel (as they cant deal with all the design features.

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Ok I’m super frustrated with this new spectrum forum - I don’t even know how to ask a question. Figma has gotten too big :confused: I miss the days of talking to someone.

I’m having a ton of new problems with fonts with all the recent updates. Specifically test fonts and adobe not showing up on desktop & web. Is anyone else experiencing this?