Color Styles (bound to variables) in Paragraph with Multiple Text Styles Display in Wrong Mode

I’m experiencing an issue when updating designs after publishing my Color Library with styles now bound to new variables I made to enable theming. Specifically with paragraphs that include multiple text styles the default mode of the variable is shown instead of the parent frame mode. This is only the case when using color styles (bound to variables) in a paragraph with multiple text styles (like text and hyperlink styles). I’ve found if I break the color style and directly use the variable then the correct mode of the variable is displayed in the same paragraph with multiple text styles. Here is some screenshots showing the issue and alternative.

I’m having a similar issue in my files.

Had a similar issue on one of my files as well and I had to go around it by using auto-layout for the different styles and keeping the same text style in a paragraph. I assume it is some kind of bug that can be raised to Figma since I don’t think is a feature where different text styles in the same paragraph don’t necessarily mean that styles could not be applied.

I can confirm that this issue still exists. :frowning: