Closing a prototype should shift focus to the file that launched the prototype

Currently when I hit command + w to close a prototype it is currently shifting focus to the file in the tab to the right of the prototype, which is not the file the prototype is from, which is usually to the left of the prototype in the tabs.

I guess it does this as default behaviour for closing a tab is to shift focus to the tab to the right, mirroring what web browsers do. I am testing how a layout looks with a video added, so I am opening a prototype up all the time to get a simulation of what it looks like, then closing it pretty frequently.

It feels pretty annoying to constantly have to manually shift focus back to the correct file on the left.

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Agreed! When Iā€™m creating animations I start rough and then make small tweaks and having to manually navigate back to the launching file each time is tiresome and annoying.

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