"Change variable mode" is still visible after deleted all variables

I don’t want to see or use the variable modes on a layer any more, but they are still visible in the right panel, even after deleting all variables and collections.

Is this a bug? It is driving me crazy. It is everywhere. I would need to reconstruct a lot of components, just to get rid od this


This is crazy. Even if deleting all applied variables, the layer/frame/compenent remains INFECTED. No way to get rid of the Change Variable Mode

got to recreate the component from scratch.

Achtung achtung to all design system architects: Before applying Figma variables to your component, back up it somewhere. Once the variables have been applied to it, you won’t be able to get rid them in the layer setting entirely.

Ok, now I got it. it has a counter-intuitive workflow: the remove lib’s variable modes have priority, so your local modes won’t even apear.

if you hav nested components: only one deprecated variable you set somewhere in your atom component might infect the entire organism component. In that case you will – like me – not be able to find where the old variable modes are coming from and why you cant see the current modes, when clickin on “change variable mode” of that component. Very poor UX. I hope we’ll se here some improvements, where the user sees all modes and has the choice. Hidding the CURRENT modes is an absolute no-go, since it is not conform with user expectation: when I set some modes, I expect them to appear on “change variable mode” and not to lose a lot of hours in the forums seeking for the reason…

also detaching variables per component instance is a missing must feature.
Once attached, even deleted remote variables in a atom component will infect your main component. You will have to delete each applied varible width, height, color, whatever MANUALLY in the nested micro component, just to get read od the old variable modes.

I am NOT happy how this software works. If you need some senior UX people, HIRE them and make Figma work as expected